StarFighters Arcade

4811 E Julep St Suite 124
Mesa, Arizona

it's like Ricky Schroder grew up and opened an arcade in north east Mesa Arizona. 


Love the idea of 2 guys taking all their games they've collected over the years and shared them with us. I hope there having as much fun with this business as I did playing and seeing these old cabinets.

Hello this is a bid deal, classic arcades in Arizona are non existent until now.

Here's my walk through, *threw down $14 for my wife and I to play all evening (cheep date night) , turned my body right and experienced a jam packed arcade. The lobby contains several pinball machines including an older E.M, then you go through the warehouse door and it's starts with a Nintendo red tent and several environmental cockpit games then on to mostly 80's stand up's then on to the back of the warehouse where the keep most of the 90's and up games.

My games of interest were: Circus Charlie, Paperboy, Robotron 2084, Attack from Mars, PinBot, CrossBow.

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If you're interested in knowing more about Starfighters arcade they're on facebook

Support StarFighters and party like is 1984!