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 The Walking Dead Side


It's been awhile since I have visited Castle and Coasters near metro center in Phoenix Arizona. I have fond memories of this place, meeting my friends and soon to be wife there for some inexpensive fun.

Likewise, I took the family down last weekend to CnC and to my surprise they revamped the whole upper level classic / pinball section.



Castle and Coasters Willimans Arcade Row


 I was surprised the Williams row was all dedicated cab's and in good condition.

Ok, so let's talk about the 2nd level layout. It starts from the south west corner with at least 20+ pinball's and then the Williams row then it moves up to 80's to 90's jamma games around the north side corner.

Unfortunately some of the main stream 80 cab's are not dedicated, like the pac man and galaga  has like a 20' screen which is disappointing but at least someone cared enough to making them present.

It seems in the past year CnC hired someone that cared enough to provide as many title's and some newer pin's available.



The Walking Dead LE Pinball: Like Score 8/10. I liked the game feel and the play field was full of target goals like hitting the giant zombie to the locked door with a zombie head ,every time you hit those targets it would return a really creepy zombie growl which was cool ... This pin is now sold out , but they were selling for $5,995 . I know these new pin's are typically designated for operators, bar's, arcades, but I want one!  Unfortunately I would believe these newer pin's will just go up in price the older they get. boo hoo

WILLIAMS ROW: Like Score 9/10.  I'm a huge 2084 fan.... I can say the joysticks felt very responsive , I believe the CPO was falling apart although I didn't care . It's been years since I played moon patrol (last played on a apple IIe), I was very cool and not an easy game to play . You have to keep an eye on the ships above and the rocks/ creators on the bottom. I felt the needed to drink a can of jolt cola to improve my A.D.D abilities..


It's great to see all these games are taking care of and the wide assortment, so if you need an arcade fix go Castle and Coasters in Phoenix Arizona.