Mesa, Arizona Arcade/Pinball Convention  - The Arizona Arcade Extravaganza

This year Zapcon was unbelievable, so many pinball and arcade machines from 1970's to today. I was totally overwhelmed by the assortment I ending up walking around the whole room for about 1/2 hr looking at all the cabinets before playing a game. I didn't enroll into the pinball tournament this year since there are some defiantly ringers that I would be playing against and I was too busy trying to play all the games I could in a short amount  time I was there. Unfortunately my wife was sick that morning and I had to play doctor until around noon so I hit the busiest time that Saturday. Just something I noticed walking around the room that there were as many kids as adults enjoying all the games, which was cool.

I'm so glad the Zapcon team choose the new mesa location, this year I wasn't getting butt rubbed by others trying to walk through the narrow walk ways and had some room to angle over the games because of my height.

Check it out California Extreme we're Arizona and YES we like classic arcade's, ok maybe the event wasn't that big but defiantly noteworthy. Hey we have a local Arcade (StarFighters Arcade) open on the weekends and some times there is a secret arcade occasional open for one night sporadically thought out the year (I believe it's called Arcade 1980) you'll need keep an eye on the Metro Phoenix craigslist arcade add's to be notified when it's open.

Because I arrived late opening day I didn't get to play all the games I wanted, but those I needed.. Like Robotron 2084, 720 Degress .. I got the opportunity to play all the obscure games (and those there wasn't a crowd around) like bubbles, which is an excellent game and now I want it and ZarZon, which is like galaga/space invaders and some other game I don't recall but it was really cool and loved the cabaret cabinet.

Got to say that I really appreciated all those collectors bringing there machines to a huge convention so we can all beat on them .. no really all those that took time out to load/unload their games for this event was really cool and all those on the floor volunteering by flipping coin triggers and resetting games and all those that condinated the event really put a lot of work in orginaizing all the collectors machines and putting the touch on the little things like shirts and tags.

Overall my ZapCon 3.0 experience this year was wanting to go back this weekend...bummer, guess we'll need to wait until next year..

Can't wait for next year!

Here are some really awful pic's of the room and some notable games that I haven't ever seen before.