Mesa, Arizona Arcade/Pinball Convention  - The Arizona Arcade Extravaganza

This year Zapcon was unbelievable, so many pinball and arcade machines from 1970's to today. I was totally overwhelmed by the assortment I ending up walking around the whole room for about 1/2 hr looking at all the cabinets before playing a game. I didn't enroll into the pinball tournament this year since there are some defiantly ringers that I would be playing against and I was too busy trying to play all the games I could in a short amount  time I was there. Unfortunately my wife was sick that morning and I had to play doctor until around noon so I hit the busiest time that Saturday. Just something I noticed walking around the room that there were as many kids as adults enjoying all the games, which was cool.

I'm so glad the Zapcon team choose the new mesa location, this year I wasn't getting butt rubbed by others trying to walk through the narrow walk ways and had some room to angle over the games because of my height.

Check it out California Extreme we're Arizona and YES we like classic arcade's, ok maybe the event wasn't that big but defiantly noteworthy. Hey we have a local Arcade (StarFighters Arcade) open on the weekends and some times there is a secret arcade occasional open for one night sporadically thought out the year (I believe it's called Arcade 1980) you'll need keep an eye on the Metro Phoenix craigslist arcade add's to be notified when it's open.

Because I arrived late opening day I didn't get to play all the games I wanted, but those I needed.. Like Robotron 2084, 720 Degress .. I got the opportunity to play all the obscure games (and those there wasn't a crowd around) like bubbles, which is an excellent game and now I want it and ZarZon, which is like galaga/space invaders and some other game I don't recall but it was really cool and loved the cabaret cabinet.

Got to say that I really appreciated all those collectors bringing there machines to a huge convention so we can all beat on them .. no really all those that took time out to load/unload their games for this event was really cool and all those on the floor volunteering by flipping coin triggers and resetting games and all those that condinated the event really put a lot of work in orginaizing all the collectors machines and putting the touch on the little things like shirts and tags.

Overall my ZapCon 3.0 experience this year was wanting to go back this weekend...bummer, guess we'll need to wait until next year..

Can't wait for next year!

Here are some really awful pic's of the room and some notable games that I haven't ever seen before.









StarFighters Arcade

4811 E Julep St Suite 124
Mesa, Arizona

it's like Ricky Schroder grew up and opened an arcade in north east Mesa Arizona. 


Love the idea of 2 guys taking all their games they've collected over the years and shared them with us. I hope there having as much fun with this business as I did playing and seeing these old cabinets.

Hello this is a bid deal, classic arcades in Arizona are non existent until now.

Here's my walk through, *threw down $14 for my wife and I to play all evening (cheep date night) , turned my body right and experienced a jam packed arcade. The lobby contains several pinball machines including an older E.M, then you go through the warehouse door and it's starts with a Nintendo red tent and several environmental cockpit games then on to mostly 80's stand up's then on to the back of the warehouse where the keep most of the 90's and up games.

My games of interest were: Circus Charlie, Paperboy, Robotron 2084, Attack from Mars, PinBot, CrossBow.

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If you're interested in knowing more about Starfighters arcade they're on facebook

Support StarFighters and party like is 1984!






 The Walking DEAD PRO by Stern Pinball





The Walking Dead Pinball




 The Walking Dead Side


It's been awhile since I have visited Castle and Coasters near metro center in Phoenix Arizona. I have fond memories of this place, meeting my friends and soon to be wife there for some inexpensive fun.

Likewise, I took the family down last weekend to CnC and to my surprise they revamped the whole upper level classic / pinball section.



Castle and Coasters Willimans Arcade Row


 I was surprised the Williams row was all dedicated cab's and in good condition.

Ok, so let's talk about the 2nd level layout. It starts from the south west corner with at least 20+ pinball's and then the Williams row then it moves up to 80's to 90's jamma games around the north side corner.

Unfortunately some of the main stream 80 cab's are not dedicated, like the pac man and galaga  has like a 20' screen which is disappointing but at least someone cared enough to making them present.

It seems in the past year CnC hired someone that cared enough to provide as many title's and some newer pin's available.



The Walking Dead LE Pinball: Like Score 8/10. I liked the game feel and the play field was full of target goals like hitting the giant zombie to the locked door with a zombie head ,every time you hit those targets it would return a really creepy zombie growl which was cool ... This pin is now sold out , but they were selling for $5,995 . I know these new pin's are typically designated for operators, bar's, arcades, but I want one!  Unfortunately I would believe these newer pin's will just go up in price the older they get. boo hoo

WILLIAMS ROW: Like Score 9/10.  I'm a huge 2084 fan.... I can say the joysticks felt very responsive , I believe the CPO was falling apart although I didn't care . It's been years since I played moon patrol (last played on a apple IIe), I was very cool and not an easy game to play . You have to keep an eye on the ships above and the rocks/ creators on the bottom. I felt the needed to drink a can of jolt cola to improve my A.D.D abilities..


It's great to see all these games are taking care of and the wide assortment, so if you need an arcade fix go Castle and Coasters in Phoenix Arizona.