Last month I picked up a 1980's Centipede full upright cabinet with a list of issues. I literal pull this cabinet out of a barn with no idea if it worked, the original owner stated the pcb had issues and the cabinet has a few imperfections. Other than getting a sweet deal on cabinet and having an emotional attachment to this particular game, I thought to myself why am I dragging a 400 pound cabinet out of a barn across a fields through 2 gates and finally lifting it into the back of a truck when I can wait a month and get a better condition arcade with little to not problems for a few more bucks. Well because I love this hobby, taking something so iconic and rebuilding it back (or close too) it's previous glory and not seeing this cabinet find it's self in the landfill. FYI: I tried to use that excuse with my wife and she just shook her head.

Here are some pic's of the cabinet



ok, here are the list of items I will need to order from bob roberts

1 K4600 19" color Capkit  
1 Atari Fuse Kit - 8 Common SB Fuses 3A To 25A  
1 Atari "Big Blue" Capacitor - (Transformer assembly)  
1 Atari A/R III Repair Kit (Caps + Q3/4/7/8)  
1 Atari A/R II-02
1PCB & Harness connector kit  

1 Atari 10' AC Line cord

1 Tested Centipede PCB


When i got the cabinet home I checked the fuses and installed the game pcb and flipped the switch, the game was working on the lower half of screen and the upper half was garbage and no sound. So checked all the wires to make sure all boards are plugged in and noticed the R30 (Resistor) was blown and took out the molex connector next to it. I also noticed the wires were coming out of the molex connector that goes from the ARII to the game pcb. 

ARII Getting ready for re-cap and new R30. 
Burnt ARII R30  Bad Molex   This was once a power cord. Lol (No Ground)