1990 Jaleco BIG RUN

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Requested Price: $100

Date Listed: 2/28/2015

Seller Comments:

For sale BIG RUN ARCADE DRIVING GAME Works but need picture fixed.


JoyStick Review:

it's circa 1990, the B52's released "DeadBeat Club" "Which I saw in concert" and Jaleco release "BIG RUN". I was a sophomore in high school and was more interested in skateboarding than arcades at that time, but would occasionally go to the peter piper pizza down the street from my parents home and play with my friends and if I recall they carried a lot of racing sims which had amazing graphics and the controls were more realistic than the earlier driving sim's. The cabinet has an uncanny resemblance to the original pole position, the game play reminds me of the early Sega racers.

After investigating the cabinet on klov, it seems this games is uncommon which could possibly make it difficult to find parts although I was able to find the rom's on ebay.

Come on folks it's 1bill, you can resurrect this game and give it new life.



The seller stated the monitor wasn't working so it possibly needs a cap kit from "The Real Bob Roberts" , in addition it's missing the base which could be replicated with plywood. Without seeing the full cabinet I not sure if the side is complete or there is more work needed.

 Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you pick this up , I would love to know about your plan's to rebuild this awesome 1990's game.


Dig Dug

Dig Dug Arcade Game - $500


Craigslist Listinghttp://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/vgm/4883204656.html


Klov Detailshttp://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7581


Requested Price: $500


Seller Comments: This is my Dig Dug Arcade Game. I have owned it for 10 years and it has always been in my house, never outdoors or in the garage. It still has its original side art and the cabinet is in good shape. The game works perfectly. The joystick and buttons work without fail. The speakers work perfectly and the sound is great. The Marquee does not light up, and I can't recall if it ever did. The game was used when I got it and I don't have the keys for any of the doors, but the insert coin doors are already open. The coin boxes are still locked.


JoyStick Review:I personally don't recall playing Dig Dug back in '82 so It doesn't have any sentimental value to me, but I've played it on a 60-1 Jamma board as an adult and it's a great strategy game although I'm sure the emulation is not the same as the original game in the original cab. You'll need to memorize the play boards to get proficient at this game. This game is iconic and does deserve it's fair due. The cab, side art and control panel overlay looks great and from the pic's the monitor looks fantastic ( I suspect there is monitor burn in, but i can't see it from the pics). 


Repairs: Possibility the marque needs a new florescent light (Walmart) and/or a new FS-2 starter.


Is this game worth $500, YES!


I've seen other cabinets in this shape and they're going for much more.


Neo Geo stand up arcade - $600

image 1

Craigslist Listing: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/vgm/4882886538.html

Klov Details: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=18002

Requested Price: $600

Seller Comments: A old Neo Geo arcade that's in great shape. I got it when I was real young and loved playing but I need to get rid of it. If your interested give me a call



 JoyStick Review: WTH! I've never seen this type of neo geo cabinet. Not sure if it's a one of a kind or a conversion? Looking at the cpo marque this must be a 2 slot neo geo (no idea what games are in the machine). I know there are 3 or 4 slot mvs neo geo machines going for $300 to $400 and come up on CL all the time.

Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade

image 1

Machine for sale - $800 (North Phoenix)

Craigslist Listinghttp://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/4883154479.html

Klov Details: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7612

Requested Price: $800

Seller Comments: For sale is a player's quality Donkey Kong Jr arcade cabinet. Cabinet has some wear and tear from it's life on route, but several things have been upgraded and fixed. Monitor has been recapped and looks fantastic; very minimal burn if any at all. Bezel art, control panel instruction card and coin sticker have been replaced and are brand new. Original control panel buttons were broken, and have been replaced with new reproductions. New grounded power cord is installed. New nintendo flat t-molding installed. Original nintendo coin mechs still with game and functional. Marquee light fixture is original and works great with new bulb an starter. Marquee is original and in excellent shape. Only thing missing is side art. This machine plays great with a great monitor. Asking $800 OBO. Will not ship and I don't have the ability to deliver, but I'd be happy to help you load it. Come by and take a look.

JoyStick Review: 

What can i say, it's DKJR..

From the pic's it looks like the owner did cabinet restore at one time. 

Price: This is a really nice game, but seems a bit expense for an unfinished cabinet. If you are into DKJR you should know there are not many available in phoenix so get it while it's hot. 

Repairs: The side art is $85 on MikesArcade.com


Craigslist Link: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/vgm/4857262361.html


DESCRIPTION:Namco Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table in Good working condition. Re-create the excitement of an entire 1980s arcade in a single cocktail table cabinet.




It's a Friday in 1982, my sister and I were a local bar/restaurant  with our parents in a little town in northern Arizona. After we walked into the bar I see a light the corner of the room and it was like a light from God shinning on a Ms. Pac-Man. I've never seen one in my life (of course I'm 12yrs old) , my first thought was can I play this , second thought can I scam quarters from my parents? YES AND YES, just like divine intervention my dad hands me a roll of quarters for me and my sister and before he could say anything else we were gone..



First thing I see is the glass top, did some just eat a cheese steak on this machine??


  • Glass top: It's possible the top is just dirty and could be cleaned up easily. if not and there are some major issues like scratches, i'm sure that could be sanded off using a low grit sandpaper and wet sanded. If the glass is not salvageable then you can pick a repro'd glass from pac-man.com for $149 or it's possible the polycarbonate graphic is scratched and that's $49
  • Security coin door bar: I hate these things. I know they were necessary for the owner operators, but it's in someone's personal arcade get that thing off. Well unfortunately this will be more work then just the glass top.
    1. Remove the bar nut from inside the cab.
    2. Take off the coin door.
    3. Strip off the laminate (I wouldn't think it's salvageable since you have to fill in the hole)
    4. Bondo the hole. not sure how big the hole and may need a piece of wood to fill applying bondo.
    5. Sand the bondo until smooth.
    6. Get a new sheet of liminate or contact paper. I checked on klov and I was refered to Arcade Shop.

Let me know if you pick this beauty, love to hear from you.


Craigslist Link: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/vgm/4853665188.html

Game Play Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMBrGXzB-p8


Astro Fighter - Back

Astro Fighter - Cabinet Image


It's not to often you find early 80's Arcades in Arizona for sale, so It's nice to see a well preserved cabinet under 1k. The game play is a bit slow and has similarities to centipede, galaga and space invaders.

Astro Fighter is not a particularly sought out classic per klov, but I believe it still holds value to retro gaming. I not sure this is the cabinet for me (especially at a $475 price tag), but this cocktail cab makes for a great coffee table/conversational piece for a movie room. Don't get wrong I think it's cool and retro, but I like arcade cab's that I can see having replayability.

I love the promotional flyer with the laser wilding buck rogers space lady, just thinking how that is relevant to the actual game. It reminds me of the garage shop calendars when I was kid. I guess whatever it takes to sell the game?

Anyways, I suspect if you're a avid collector of late 70's early 80's arcades I suspect this one is on your list.




image 1 

I recall playing the original Rampage back in '86, but never even heard of the Rampage WT edition that came out in 97.

Game Play Information: arcade-history.com

I've seen a big blue cabinet and it's huge, so keep that in mind if you're thinking about purchasing.

I have no preference to either game although i would be partial to keeping the cabinet a dedicated SF II CE instead of the rampage and just change out a rampage jamma PCB. Not sure if it's a poor camera shot, but the monitor looks faded, the color levels may need to be adjusted or it needs a capkit (which can be found at "The Real Bob Roberts" site).

The original owner may have the following items so keep that in mind when inquiring. If not then you may need to spend quite a bit to restore it back to SF II CE.

PCB: $350 (Link to a historical cost from ebay) - Check on Klov, someone maybe selling one there.

CPO: $43.95

BEZEL: $40.99

MARQUEE: $22.99

Total Basic Restore To Street Fighter II CE = $497.93

Do hold me to this estimate, but i suspect the pcb will be expensive due to SF II CE's popularity.

GOOD LUCK and keep gaming.