Yes, another track in field converted over to another jamma game. Don't get me wrong I like sunset riders, but I love track and field!

Glendale only want's $275 for the cabinet

This would be a great project, new cpo ($69) ,side art ($145), bezel, marque and control panel could be found on klov.

Although it may take some time to acquire, hopefully there were no changes to the wire harness..

Check it out



Or This..

It's 1980 , it's the cold war and we as children have tools to blow up nuclear missiles. There are 22 buttons and three are real although it certainly made you feel like you're in norad.

Thoughts, the original cabinet is totally choice, love the side art and bezel/marque. There are only 2 pic's for this listing, but I have to believe the cabaret in phoenix Arizona is freaking awesome. Would I play $850, hummm probably not unless it included the asteroids next to it.

KLOV details: 


The hardware is a 28yr old jamma classic? Which is nice if you want to play other compatible jamma boards.

I remember playing this game when I was kid and loved the top scrolling shooter, but absolutely hated the sound track.

I purchased the pc10 version of 1942 and I can't play it for more that a minute without getting totally annoyed.

Ok, this game has been on criegslist for months is it really worth $1,200 ?

I believe the game play is great although it takes for ever to get off the aircraft carrier, it does give you enough time to take a gulp of beer.

This specimen of an cab seems to be in good shape, exception to the front lower bottom. Although I think Biltmore needs to reavaluate his price. Would love to hear from the person that acquires this dedicated cab.