StarWars Arcade

1983 Star Wars Full upright Arcade

Craigslist listing: Details:

Requested Price: $3,000

Date Listed: 5/28/2015

Seller Comments:

selling a star wars arcade game, game has been in a private home for many years. cabinet is in very good condition, clean original game
Game works great, monitor is bright, crisp and clear.

asking $3,000 or best offer
no trades please


JoyStick Review:

 No this isn't a pinball machine and yes the seller is asking for three thousand dollars. At this price this is no longer just an arcade game, It's a piece of history and art. The reason I say this is because the cabinet design is very unique and extremely detailed with elements that you would find in a Tie Fighter (Which make no sense ,the game play is the cockpit of a X-Wing) and Star War is no longer a movie for people it can be a lifestyle, belief system or inspiration of technology, so individuals that love Star Wars would most likely pay that high price to solidify there reasoning. Actually this machine is on the low price scale, check out

The vector monitor gives the game play really first person feel and with the sound effects and voice chip you too can feel to the force Luke..

There is a ROM upgrade for SW so you also play Empire Strikes Back on the same machine for $185, you can find the pcb ROM upgrade on the Vector Labs website.

I personally love the original Star Wars series and have fond memories of playing this game when it came out. In fact I was beside myself that I can blow up the death star just like old Luke. What makes this game play so great is also it's downfall by being extremely repetitive. Although having the ability to play both SW and ESB on the same machine is really cool and makes the game engaging.

 Empire Strikes Back Arcade Start Screen

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