Hard Drivin Arcade

1990 Race Drivin' Environmental/Cockpit Arcade

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Requested Price: $1,000 obo

Date Listed: 5/29/2015

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1990 Atari RaceDrivin Arcade game. In pretty good shape for its age. All works except for the steering response. $1000 neg


JoyStick Review:

Where do I start, oh yes. The price.. Really $1,000. I can pay for a small, but nice vacation for that price. I understand the rarity of this game within Arizona (or through out the country), but I didn't get into this hobby to spend that much on 15yr old arcade regardless of it collectability. (if you want to play this game on the cheap? then set it up on mame then get a cardboard box and put it over the monitor and put your head in it).

Now that I'm off of my soap box , let's get to the game. Race Drivin' is the successor to "Hard Drivin'", which supposedly gives the player a real life experience of driving a vehicle. I personally don't ever recall playing "Race Drivin'" in the arcade so I have no personal attachment to it, but I did play "Hard Drivin'" . At that time I was getting my drivers permit so I thought to myself I should be able to master this game (no big deal). Well I was totally wrong, the physics in this game are incredible at that time, but extremely difficult to master. I actually got scared after playing "Hard Drivin'" thinking that driving a car would pose the same difficulty. LOL

I'm sure this version of the series will also take considerable time to master, but with it's immersive cabinet style it would be hard not to want to.

Race Drivin' Start Screen 

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