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Requested Price: $350

Date Listed: 1/27/2015 - Updated 3 days ago

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I have a 1 slot NEO GEO arcade game. I have three games that will be included. Puzzle Bobble, Metal slug 6, and Samurai showdown. All games work except the Metal slug sound does not work. The monitor is nice and the best part about the NEO GEO games is that you can switch the games like a nintendo. Coin mechs work and all lights light up. 350 firm

JoyStick Review:

This is the second Neo Geo arcade I have reviewed, what can I say I love the neo geo games. This cabinet comes with 3 games (Puzzle Bobble, Metal slug 6, and Samurai showdown), all three games are iconic on the neo geo platform. If you know about the neo geo then you most likely know these 3 games. The cabinet is missing some cabinet art that the original operator didn't include for some reason (here's a list of cabinet art .  There is a 161-1 game multi-cart cartage available for $99 on if you don't want to keep changing cartages. In addition there is a great beginners guide to the neo geo arcade on


The clearest pic doesn't show any visible damage, unfortunately the seller didn't include cabinet side pic's so i'm not sure if the side art is there nor provided any damage description. I found a vendor "Jasen's Arcade" that carries the side art although their site is down until September 2015, also check with members on someone may know about another vendor or may have spare for sale. I noticed it's also missing the "Now Playing" marque insert which you can either buy online or just simply print out the game insert on glossy paper and create your own.

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you pick this up , I would love to know about your plans .