1990 Jaleco BIG RUN

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Requested Price: $100

Date Listed: 2/28/2015

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For sale BIG RUN ARCADE DRIVING GAME Works but need picture fixed.


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it's circa 1990, the B52's released "DeadBeat Club" "Which I saw in concert" and Jaleco release "BIG RUN". I was a sophomore in high school and was more interested in skateboarding than arcades at that time, but would occasionally go to the peter piper pizza down the street from my parents home and play with my friends and if I recall they carried a lot of racing sims which had amazing graphics and the controls were more realistic than the earlier driving sim's. The cabinet has an uncanny resemblance to the original pole position, the game play reminds me of the early Sega racers.

After investigating the cabinet on klov, it seems this games is uncommon which could possibly make it difficult to find parts although I was able to find the rom's on ebay.

Come on folks it's 1bill, you can resurrect this game and give it new life.



The seller stated the monitor wasn't working so it possibly needs a cap kit from "The Real Bob Roberts" , in addition it's missing the base which could be replicated with plywood. Without seeing the full cabinet I not sure if the side is complete or there is more work needed.

 Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you pick this up , I would love to know about your plan's to rebuild this awesome 1990's game.