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Astro Fighter - Back

Astro Fighter - Cabinet Image


It's not to often you find early 80's Arcades in Arizona for sale, so It's nice to see a well preserved cabinet under 1k. The game play is a bit slow and has similarities to centipede, galaga and space invaders.

Astro Fighter is not a particularly sought out classic per klov, but I believe it still holds value to retro gaming. I not sure this is the cabinet for me (especially at a $475 price tag), but this cocktail cab makes for a great coffee table/conversational piece for a movie room. Don't get wrong I think it's cool and retro, but I like arcade cab's that I can see having replayability.

I love the promotional flyer with the laser wilding buck rogers space lady, just thinking how that is relevant to the actual game. It reminds me of the garage shop calendars when I was kid. I guess whatever it takes to sell the game?

Anyways, I suspect if you're a avid collector of late 70's early 80's arcades I suspect this one is on your list.