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DESCRIPTION:Namco Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table in Good working condition. Re-create the excitement of an entire 1980s arcade in a single cocktail table cabinet.




It's a Friday in 1982, my sister and I were a local bar/restaurant  with our parents in a little town in northern Arizona. After we walked into the bar I see a light the corner of the room and it was like a light from God shinning on a Ms. Pac-Man. I've never seen one in my life (of course I'm 12yrs old) , my first thought was can I play this , second thought can I scam quarters from my parents? YES AND YES, just like divine intervention my dad hands me a roll of quarters for me and my sister and before he could say anything else we were gone..



First thing I see is the glass top, did some just eat a cheese steak on this machine??


  • Glass top: It's possible the top is just dirty and could be cleaned up easily. if not and there are some major issues like scratches, i'm sure that could be sanded off using a low grit sandpaper and wet sanded. If the glass is not salvageable then you can pick a repro'd glass from for $149 or it's possible the polycarbonate graphic is scratched and that's $49
  • Security coin door bar: I hate these things. I know they were necessary for the owner operators, but it's in someone's personal arcade get that thing off. Well unfortunately this will be more work then just the glass top.
    1. Remove the bar nut from inside the cab.
    2. Take off the coin door.
    3. Strip off the laminate (I wouldn't think it's salvageable since you have to fill in the hole)
    4. Bondo the hole. not sure how big the hole and may need a piece of wood to fill applying bondo.
    5. Sand the bondo until smooth.
    6. Get a new sheet of liminate or contact paper. I checked on klov and I was refered to Arcade Shop.

Let me know if you pick this beauty, love to hear from you.